Quality CO2 gas products at competitive prices

We are 100% transparent with our pricing. There are no hidden costs, no rental costs, and no deposit required. Get in touch with us today for a quote or to request a visit.

Our Pricing

We’re completely upfront about how our products are priced. There are no hidden fees or deposit costs on cylinders. We pioneered the ‘no rental on cylinders’ policy. You pay for the products you need, which are delivered to you on time.
We consider pricing a priority, and you’ll always receive 100% transparency from us when it comes to our products. What’s more, for all of our clients, we provide free emergency call outs with no added costs to ensure you’re comfortable using our products.
Competitive prices

Offering some of the best rates on the market, with a five-star service

No rental or deposit

We introduced the ‘no rentals’ policy, which has become an industry benchmark

No hidden costs

You only pay for the cylinders we deliver, keeping your overheads to a minimum

Free emergency calls

If you run out of gas, we’ll send someone out the next day, free of charge

“Competitive prices are a priority for us. We deal with a wide variety of companies, from independent landlords to multiple-premises operators. We’ll professionally assess your organisation’s needs, find personalised solutions and guarantee the best rates in the industry.”
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