What is a cellar gas?

One thing that makes a bar great is its selection of drinks and gas is one of the reasons that bars can serve an ice-cold glass of beer that is always sparkling. If you have a business such as a bar or a pub, you should know what cellar gas is and how it can be a cost-effective solution for your business.

A CO2 cellar gas can be used for a variety of purposes in a safe, efficient manner to enhance any drinking experience for any bar or pub.


What is cellar gas?

When you sit at a bar and you get served a freshly poured pint of stout that came directly from the tap, the feeling, and the mood is totally different from a server that just brings you a cold bottle of beer. This is all made possible with the use of gas. This type of gas is a mixture of carbon dioxide and nitrogen which helps enhance the drinking experience for beverages like beer or soft drinks. It is safe to handle, easy to use, and extensively tested to cover a wide range of uses and industries, particularly bars and pubs.

CO2 pub cellars gas usually comes in the form of 10-litre cylinders that are regularly maintained to British industry standards. Some cylinders are CO2 only while others are a nitrogen/CO2 mixture. Many bars and pubs are now trending towards “Nitro Beers” which uses gas that contains 70% nitrogen and 30% carbon dioxide to help create a type of rising effect that is topped with the head of every beer that is served.


An improved beverage presentation

These cylinders operate at the maximum pressures used in the industry today. This means that every time you serve beer, it will always come with a mesmerising cascading effect and waterfall of tiny bubbles that slowly yield to a white thick head. The type of gas that is used will set the difference between the look and taste of beer when it is served.

Cellar and beer gas solutions also come with accessories that use state-of-the-art equipment that will help you save money, time, and space. Regulators are used to maintain carbonation and pressure as well as dispense draft beer and post mix drinks. CO2 versions are regulated to the industry standard of 30% and 60%. Blenders are also installed on compact walls next to other gas equipment and this accessory helps to create the ideal dispensing conditions for your bar or pub.



With the proper installation of a pub cellar gas system, further benefits include:

•   Accurate gas mixture for ensuring an excellent beer quality

•   Improves the overall presentation of the drink

•   Extends the life of draught beers

•   Fewer gas cylinders are needed

•   Cellar space and other storage areas are freed up

•   Easy-to-learn training for staff

•   Filled in accordance with the gas safety industry

•   More time to spend with customers, less time making connections and removing empties


How it can be used

Carbon dioxide gas makes can beers and ciders taste fizzy with a prickly biting sensation on your tongue when drinking them. Nitrogen gas makes beers taste creamy and when you pour them into a beer glass it will have a beautiful swirling effect. Many pubs and bars commonly use what is called “30/70 mixed gas”.

Cream flow and smooth flow beers like Guinness or John Smith’s Extra Smooth work well using a mixed gas that has a high nitrogen content and low carbon dioxide content. These bottles are also convenient since they are the ones that are commonly ordered because all mixed gas comes in one bottle. There are also different bottle mixes and sizes and choosing the right one will depend on your needs. For a business that is just starting out, a 30/70 mix is a great way to go because it works with a wide range of beers to enhance their taste and appearance.


Getting in touch with the right supplier

When choosing a gas provider, there are a few things you should consider. One point you should look out for is making sure that the provider you choose is cost-effective for your business. Whether it is small, medium, or big, your business should look for the best provider for gas services to include filling their cylinders at their own depot. This service should also be able to provide its own fleet of drinks dispense gas cylinders to include:

•   Carbon Dioxide 3.15 kg and 6.35 kg

•   Carbon Dioxide/Nitrogen Mix 9.4L


If you own a bar or pub and you are ready to take your business and the drink menu to the next level, introduce a new variety that customers will enjoy using cellar gas with The CO2 Gas Company. With the right gas mixture, you can ensure your customers are getting the best product.

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